Delicious cuisine

Planning your stay in Residence you must try our delicious cuisine. We love cooking, cooking is our passion and we want to share it with you. All dishes are freshly cooked from high quality, selected ingredients.

We served them on a real polish porcelain from Chodzież.
There are some examples of dishes of our menu:



Traditional broth with handmade dumplings
Cauliflower soup severed with smoked salmon
Bean soup with homemade semolina noodles
Cream of red pepper with puff croutons
Beetroot soup served with meat pastry


Main Courses

Chicken breast in crispy almonds flakes
Delicate veal roulades in mushrooms sauce
Chicken cakes with cucumber and garlic sauce
Traditional handmade dumplings
– with cabbage and mushrooms, cottage cheese, meat
Traditional handmade dumplings with seasonal fruits
served with sour cream and brown sugar
Trout in crispy almond flakes served with dill
Chicken leg filled with meat and champignons


Delicious desserts

Coffee and poppy seed delicacy
Homemade cheesecake with apricots served with whipped cream
Sponge cake with vanilla cream and red currents
Crispy rolls filled with whipped cream and wild rose comfiture
Little tarts with vanilla cream and fruits
Meringue cake with raspberries and whipped cream
Pancakes with cottage cheese, nuts and raisins filling
Apple pie served warm with vanilla ice-cream

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